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Designer Babies

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Whether it is employed in modifying food products or breeding animals, the topic of genetic engineering is likely to raise the hackles of most people. When it is discussed in regards to humans, I would bet that even more people are against it or fear it. I have reservations about it not from a moral perspective, but from a human diversity and survival perspective. If we as a species have survived millions of years of evolution through mostly “natural” means, are we going to increase our survival chances by mucking around with something of which we know relatively little? Recently, the mapping of the human genome sequence has been completed (depending on who you ask), but do we really know enough about the long term effects of modifying genetic codes?

“The Fertility Institutes are now offering their clients the ability to select certain traits, like hair and eye color, of the eggs they implant.”

Steven Novella has written an intriguing article on the matter that has spawned some good discussion on his blog. Perhaps it will also generate some thought provoking discussion here.

Designer Babies


Why the future doesn’t need us

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“Our most powerful 21st-century technologies – robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech – are threatening to make humans an endangered species.”

It has been nine years since Bill Joy, a co-founder of Sun Microsystems, wrote this eye-opening article about the future. He paints a potentially dark picture of what technology might bring to humans. Much like the “Skynet” scenario in Terminator, or the “Butlerian Jihad” in the Dune series, Joy describes a world where artificial intelligence might dominate over “real” intelligence.

Read the article for yourself and see if we are getting closer to this distopia or is Bill off his rocker?

Why the future doesn’t need us

Remember the Future

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For this first post to the blog, I wanted to set the tone for what this blog might represent.  I don’t want to restrict the content to any single subject, as there are so many interesting possibilities.  For the time being I will try to focus most of my posts on subjects that relate to THE FUTURE, whatever that may include.  I will also be posting on other subjects that interest me such as music, astronomy, ham radio, software engineering, and techno-nerd fare.  There are plenty of other political blogs out there, so I probably won’t be adding much to that arena.

The future is fascinating to me for many reasons.  First and foremost is the fact that the future hasn’t happened yet, and because of this, it has a certain mysterious quality.  Nearly every aspect in physics has a particular symmetry: positive and negative charges; particles and anti-particles; matter and energy etc.  Why is it that time only seems to move in one direction? 

And on that note, I say “Let’s move forward”.