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Transcendent Man

Posted in Technology, The Future with tags , , , , on 2009/04/11 by iyokobat


I first heard about Ray Kurzweil in the 1980’s because of his music synthesizers.  There’s now a new movie about Ray and his ideas about the future.

(from “Transcendent Man” introduces the life and ideas of Ray Kurzweil, an inventor since the age of five and the most pre-eminent futurist in the world. Exploring many of the ideas and predictions in his New York Times Best-Seller, The Singularity is Near, the film focuses mostly on Kurzweil’s world-wide speaking tour, as he describes a fast-approaching, radically different future in which we have merged with our computer creations, will overcome our mortality to live indefinitely, and will be billions of times more intelligent. Heavily criticized for being too optimistic about what the future will bring and how it will affect our lives, Ray challenges his detractors even further by publicly stating for the first time his goal of using future technologies to bring back his late father. Through twenty major cities and four continents, Ray Kurzweil leads the filmmakers and the audience on a quest to reveal not only our humanity, but ultimately, our destiny. Written by Felicia Ptolemy

The trailer can be seen here.