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Musical minds

Posted in Music, Technology, Video on 2009/07/22 by iyokobat

Brain scan

Apparently our brains, or at least the one that belongs to Oliver Sacks, can distinguish subtle differences in music, even when the conscious mind cannot. In an MRI, Oliver’s brain showed more activity when listening to Bach (his favorite composer) than when listening to Beethoven. This occurred even when Oliver was unable to tell which piece was Bach and which was Beethoven. Sorry Ludwig.

I’d be interested to see what this experiment would reveal with additional test subjects and varied composer preferences. Check out the ~4 minute Nova video.

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Pink Floyd – “Moonhead”

Posted in Music, Space Exploration, Video on 2009/07/21 by iyokobat


July 20th and the 40th anniversary for landing on the moon are almost over. (It’s already July 21 in Greenwich.)

There have been numerous commemorations on the internet, in print, and on television (including an excellent presentation at NASA), but this one is interesting and unique.

Unbeknown to yours truly, the Pink Floyd played for BBC live coverage of the Apollo 11 event in 1969. Thanks to udor1962 for posting to youTube, and thanks to Robert Mackey of the New York Times for bringing this to my attention.

I don’t know how this will affect the debate for resuming manned missions to the moon, but maybe it will increase the demand for improvisational space-blues.

Pink Floyd Moonhead

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