Futurama: 2010


After a long wait, it looks like Futurama has a future on TV. It was announced that 26 new episodes have been ordered by Fox and are expected to air in 2010. Ye-ha!

Futurama” exults in its snarkiness about slacker dudes. The central character is nitwit pizza-delivery boy Philip J. Fray, who falls into a cryogenic chamber in 1999, is frozen and wakes up 1,000 years later where he’s befriended by various misfits who include an alcoholic, kleptomaniac robot named Bender.

Bender will drink to that!


4 Responses to “Futurama: 2010”

  1. Now I know you like Futurama and I’m not really knocking the show but
    I just find it unbelievable that “they” will give mindless shows like this one season after season and cut decent shows like LIFE after two short seasons. I am just about convinced now that aliens really are responsible for all television programming and they really are turning the masses brains into a soft slurpable goo suitable for drinking either hot or on the rocks.

  2. iyokobat Says:

    I would argue that while Futurama may appear mindless on the surface, I find the satire and social commentary to be pretty hilarious and well-written.

    I never saw “Life”, what was that all about?

  3. Life was a crime drama worth watching just like Lie to Me is.
    One explaination to the success of the Simpsons and Fururama
    and other adult cartoons is probably the fact that there is virtually
    no overhead to producing these cartoons. Whereas the making
    of real live person type shows require a lot of people and actors
    and re-takes and editing and that costs money eh?

  4. Kris Says:

    Personally, I enjoyed Life and cannot wait for the next season of Lie to Me, but I also find Futurama quite hilarious. There are many many many inside mathematical jokes that some would not catch at first, and the only real reason I knew them is because my man is all computerized and he was the one that got me interested in it. But I am one of those people that find many many things interesting and funny. I guess I am easily amused.

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