Black hole simulation

Inside a black hole

Two scientists from the University of Colorado, Andrew Hamilton and Gavin Polhemus, have created an awesome simulation of traveling through a black hole.

Here is an excerpt from Technology Review:

Hamilton provides a commentary for this and other videos which dismisses some of the myths that have grown up around black holes, such as the notion that falling inside one would engulf you in darkness.

Not by any means. According to Hamilton and Polhemus, inside a black hole the view in the horizontal plane is highly blueshifted, but all directions other than horizontal appear highly redshifted.

To read the full story and see the video, click here.


One Response to “Black hole simulation”

  1. Wow ! Well simulation is the closest we can get to the black holes. To watch other videos on universe, space & time, science and other topics, visit NeoK12 – Educational Videos.

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