Cosmos series available on Hulu


This may be old news to the highly wired community, but I wanted to mention that the great PBS series “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage”, is now available for free streaming on Hulu. From episode 1, “The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean”, through Episode 13, “Who Speaks for Earth?”, the entire series may be watched on your own desktop.  Unlike the original airing on PBS, note that Hulu does inject a few commercials, but don’t let this stop you from seeing these classic episodes of science.  According to the Science channel, it is still the most widely watched PBS series in the world.

“In 1980, the landmark series Cosmos premiered on public television. Since then, it is estimated that more than a billion people around the planet have seen it. Cosmos chronicles the evolution of the planet and efforts to find our place in the universe. Each of the 13 episodes focuses on a specific aspect of the nature of life, consciousness, the universe and time. Topics include the origin of life on Earth (and perhaps elsewhere), the nature of consciousness, and the birth and death of stars. When it first aired, the series catapulted creator and host Carl Sagan to the status of pop culture icon and opened countless minds to the power of science and the possibility of life on other worlds.”

Cosmos on Hulu


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