Remember the Future


For this first post to the blog, I wanted to set the tone for what this blog might represent.  I don’t want to restrict the content to any single subject, as there are so many interesting possibilities.  For the time being I will try to focus most of my posts on subjects that relate to THE FUTURE, whatever that may include.  I will also be posting on other subjects that interest me such as music, astronomy, ham radio, software engineering, and techno-nerd fare.  There are plenty of other political blogs out there, so I probably won’t be adding much to that arena.

The future is fascinating to me for many reasons.  First and foremost is the fact that the future hasn’t happened yet, and because of this, it has a certain mysterious quality.  Nearly every aspect in physics has a particular symmetry: positive and negative charges; particles and anti-particles; matter and energy etc.  Why is it that time only seems to move in one direction? 

And on that note, I say “Let’s move forward”.



2 Responses to “Remember the Future”

  1. Good luck on your new blog Rob. I mean blog-rob, as in you are the blog-rob. Or that is what you will be by the time this blog saps all of your energy from you. Especially blogs about the future, I mean they’re so not here yet. you know what I mean? Vincent Price never heard of a blog, and look where it got him. Now there’s a guy that could use some more cowbell! You are the blog, the blog is you. Be the blog. In the future,Ralph Nader ist ein doomkopf.

  2. I’d send you a picture of my blog when it was younger but, I can’t find the damn thing.



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